So here it is my second blog! However this time instead of writing from the comfort of my own bedroom I am in Glorieta, New Mexico at camp. Yeah that’s right, I’m at camp. It’s really beautiful here. It’s a Christian Retreat Center with cabins and dorms. There’s a lake where you can canoe or a zip line. It even rained.

To get to Glorieta from Avondale though its a nine hour drive… We left home at three a.m. and arrived here at one thirty this afternoon. For those who would like to know I stayed up til three Saturday morning. Why? I have no idea but then I woke up at five, six, and seven. Finally at 8:30 I just got up. That all totaled up to about three or four hours of sleep. Then I stayed up til midnight on Saturday and got up at two to get ready to go… Two more hours of sleep. We get in the car and drive for and hour an a half before I finally fall back asleep for an hour an a half. So for those of you who don’t care to add that is six and a half hours of sleep in two days… I’m not sure how I’m still functioning.

Camp looks promising though. So far it’s pretty, it rained and they have fed us dinner. But if I have anymore free time I might fall asleep before we actually start…. Zzzzzzzz.

Wish me a good nights sleep.